Auto Spin Coater/Developer

Brand: Science Value Solutions

MSX1000 is named modular spin system especially designed for electro-optical industry, and semi-conductor sector. It is suitable for 2”~4”wafer and applicable for ASICS, LED, OLED, MEMS processes.

With different coating/ developing requirements, MSX1000 provides an outstanding adaptability, flexibility and performance in motor RPM/ACCEL reliability and bake temperature uniformity as well as auto robot system.


  • Highly reliable coating/ developing uniformity
  • EBR BSR, CR, Vapor Prime functions, high-viscosity PR dispense (Option)
  • Dual arm robot handling system
  • Small size design
  • Low operation cost
  • Intelligent OS by SVS
  • Easy operation & maintenance

Major Applications

  • Coating process
  • Developing process
  • Spin cleaning process
  • Special material coating
  • Glass coating


Wafer SizeSapphire, GaN Φ2"- Φ4"
Process supply2 Cassette, 2 Cup (3 PR tube/per cup) ,4
HP, 1 Centering
Uniformity< 1%
Spin rpm0~6000rpm, max
Spin speed accuracySet value ±1.0rpm @ ≧100rpm
System controlPC-based controller