DNK Stepper

Brands: Japan Science Engineering Co.,Ltd.

DNK Stepper has high precision alignment and the corresponding module system to alter the optical parameters, in accordance with different objects to convert NA on projection lens, aperture of illumination optical system (8 Sigma) and the exposure wavelength (λ); with different exposure objects, DNK stepper is able to convert to different depth of focus to achieve high-depth exposure which can be manufactured in MEMS, LED etc. During 3-dimensional device test, it can correspond to different degrees on photo-resist thick film and waves. DNK stepper also fully supports wafer evaluation and selection and provides professional laboratory sample wafers test through DNK specialized expertise.

DNK Stepper


  • Three replaceable lens. Broad exposure and a variety of application options.
  • High-precision alignment system
  • Full-function in one high-end exposure system
  • High illumination optical system
  • Fully customized system
  • Support on wafer evaluation and selection
  • High throughput

Major Applications

  • LED exposure process
  • Sapphire exposure application
  • SAW exposure application
  • MEMS exposure process
  • LCD exposure application


Wafer SizeΦ2"- 12"; Max 300mm x 300mm
Process Supply2 kw lamp
6 pcs reticle stocker
Changeable NA aperture
Resolution 0.5-1 um for Sapphire, LED, SAW
1-2.5 um for MEMS, LCD
2.5- um for advanced package & ceramic