Plasma surface treatment cleaning system

Brands: PVA TePla

TePla is dedicated to innovate advanced plasma system and provide outstanding OLED/PLED glass surface treatment cleaning, activation and modification (Hydrophilic/ hydrophobic surface) and professional ITO electrode, PCB, industrial electron, printing surface cleaning technology, which is an ideal facility for surface cleaning and modification.

Plasma Surface Treatment Cleaning System


  • Planar Microwave Plasma Source , no Plasma Damage
  • Manual or auto in-line design
  • High-quality for printing application 
  • Quaternary LED wet mesa, plasma stripping application
  • GaN LED developed through negative photoresist, plasma descuming decreases peeling
  • Micro plasma no ion bombardment,Plasma Pamaga
  • End Point, temperature and pressure inspecting function

Major Applications

  • ITO Electrode surface cleaning before COG or OLB of STN-LCD or TFT-LCD process
  • Electrode surface cleaning for COF (ILB) or COB process
  • Surface cleaning or modification for IC packaging(Flip Chip, CSP, BGA, TCP, or Lead Frame, etc.)or LED packaging
  • Surface cleaning, activation, modification and removal technology for PCB
  • Surface cleaning, activation or modification technology for industrial electronic components 
  • Surface roughing or cleaning before printing or sticking


Substrate Plate 310mm × 310mm (12” × 12”)
Process Gas Supply2 gas channels included
Vacuum GaugeMKS baratron capacitance manometer
Pressure Control Down stream control valve
System Control PC-based controller, 17” color touch screen
Power AC 230/400V 50/60Hz