Biotechnology Equipment


ShearJet High-Shear Processors

WIth our fixed geometry high shear processors, our customers can significantly reduce particle size and achieve uniform particle size distributions. The ability to create innovative products with uniform, unprecedented nanoparticles allows our customers to stay ahead of their competition, and develop new and improved products.


Dyhydromatics' goals are to provide our customers with the highest quality parts, equipment, and service for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetic, Food, Ink, Cannabis and Chemical industry. Our team is comprised of individuals with many years experience in manufacturing or servicing high pressure processing equipment. We take pride that our parts are manufactured in-house locally sourced in the US.

We also take pride in being an environmentally minded company. Our goal is always looking to build a solid business relationship with our customers, something we feel is generally lacking in the industry today. Customers who depend on Dyhydromatics to support their everyday parts and service needs are never disappointed. Being a small company providing big ideas and solutions, allows us to have personal insight and focus on customer needs.

Unlike larger corporations, who offer commitments that are not always backed up, Dyhydromatics spends its time and energy on enhancing our products and training our team members on premium customer service principals. We invite you to experience the Dyhydromatics way of doing things."