PIPELEX SX00 無溶劑面漆簡介



  • 可直接塗於金屬或做面漆使用
  • 100%固體零VOC
  • 耐候性好
  • 優異的附著力
  • 優異的耐腐蝕性
  • 耐化學性好
  • 天然防塗鴉,抗微生物和防污性能
  • 極好的DOI和光澤保持性
Product description and uses:

A 3:1, 100% solids epoxy polysiloxane designed to provide very good corrosion resistance as a single coat direct-to-metal (DTM) exterior coating, or topcoat for tanks, pilings, towers and other structures. PIPEPLEX® SX0031 has excellent color and gloss retention.

Features and benefits:
  • High build single coat direct to metal or topcoat
  • 100% solids zero VOC
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Natural anti-graffiti, anti-microbial & antifouling properties
  • Extremely good DOI and gloss
Technical data: 
Color: White or per customer requirements
Solids Content: 100%
Theoretical Coverage: 1604 ft2/gal@1 mil (40 m2/liter@25 µm)
VOC: 0.0 lbs per mixed gallon (0.0 g/l) per EPA Method 24
Mixing Ratio: 3 Part A to 1 Part B (by Volume)
Recommended DFT: 4-6 mils (100-150 µm) per coat/min 4 mils (100 µm) over profile, not to exceed 12 mils (300 µm) DFT as a DTM. 2-3 mils (50-75µm) as a topcoat over a suitable primer or base coat.
Force Dry: If tank is force dried, 1 hr minimum air dry @75°F (23°C) before oven. Then force dry @145°F (60°C) for 1 hour, adjusting for ambient maximum conditions
Performance properties: 
Gloss 90°+ per customer requirements (ASTM D523 @ 60° angle)
Adhesion: 5A (not peeling or removal) (ASTM D3359)
Flexibility: Passes 1/8” conical mandrel (ASTM D522)
Hardness: 4H-5H (ASTM D3363)
Impact Resistance: Up to 120 lbs.in (Direct) and 60 lbs.in (Rev) (ASTM D2794)
QUV Resistance: 4000 hours UVA-340 (ASTM G154)
Corrosion Resistance: 500 hours salt fog (ASTM B117) on primer
Surface preparation:

PIPEPLEX™ SX00 is designed to be applied direct to metal in a single or two coat application.

Steel: Blasted to SSPC-SP-10 to a 1.5-2.5 mil angular profile Lesser service applications – blasted to SSPC-SP-6

Surface to be free of all looser rust, dirt, grease and other contaminants

Aluminum: Remove all surface contaminants and treat with Strathmore’s Wash Primer or equivalent
Surface temperature: Must be a minimum of 5°F (3°C) above the dew point during the surface preparation and coating application
Coating application: 
Application Equipment: 45:1 Airless spray equipment. To minimize or eliminate thinner use in- line heated equipment with insulated hoses to reach application vis. Do not exceed 165°F (74°C).
Tip Size: .017 to .023
Pot Life: 4 hours (@77°F (25°C),
Pump Pressure: 2500-3500 psi (17-24 MPa)
Thinner: 0-5% by volume maximum, consult Strathmore for recommendations
Recoat: Minimum 8 hours, Maximum 3 days @72°F (22°C)
Air Dry: Touch 2 hours ASTM D1640 @70°F (21°C) Handle 4 hours ASTM D1640 @70°F (21°C)
Mixing Instructions: 1. Agitate thoroughly each component before combining

2. Mix (combine) 3:1 by volume Part A and Part B

3. Agitate thoroughly again after combining

4. If necessary reduce up to 15% after combing components

Cleanup & Safety: 
Cleanup: MEK may be used for clean up. Batch mixed material will set up in the lines and equipment if left overnight. With plural component equipment, be sure to flush from the mixing head through the delivery hose and guns.
Safety: Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint containers and follow all caution statements on this product data sheet. Consult Strathmore Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product and follow all local or national safety regulations. Employ normal workmanlike safety precautions.
Ventilation: When used in enclosed areas, thorough air circulation must be used during and after application until the coating is cured. The ventilation system should be capable of preventing the solvent vapor concentration from reaching the lower explosion limit for the solvents used. User should test and monitor exposure levels to ensure all personnel are below guidelines. If not sure or if not able to monitor levels, use MSHA/NIOSH approved respirator.
Packaging, Handling & Storage: 
Shelf Life: Generally one year from date of manufacturing when kept at recommended storage conditions at 70°F (21°C) and in original unopened containers.
Package Size: Normally in 55 gal drums or 5 gal pails.
Storage: a. Containers must be closed tightly

b. Do not store at temperatures above 100°F (38°C)

c. Do not store outside

d. Rotate stock

e. Do not use material beyond shelf life