AOI is an auto professional visual inspection system for wafer defect inspection and the soft/ hardware integration system. AOI provides the R.G.B. full color camera, the reducing inspection technology. The four times house-lens is able to map different wafer sizes and quickly find out all kinds of defects that can effectively increase the good quality on manufacturing production.



  • Best choice for wafer roughing
  • Distinguish 256X256X256 = 16,777,216 colors
  • Use two types of lamps to detect various kinds of defects
  • Increase sorting speed, reduce inspecting personnel cost & raise good quality rate
  • Auto Ink Dotting system 
  • Systematic analysis to integrate defect chip data

Major Applications

  • LED wafer inspection
  • LED chip inspection


Wafer sizeΦ4"- Φ6"
CameraColor camera
Lens 4 Motorized zoom lens
CCD Resolution 1um/Pixel
Inspected Area stain/ peeling/ scratch/ remained metal/ discoloration/ broken chip/ double chip/ probe / marking chip
Power AC 220V 50/60 Hz