SVS HMDS vacuum oven applies HMDS vapor priming on wafer surface uniformly. During this priming/ baking process, the wafer surface is baked to be completely free of moisture, effectively rising as well as maximizing adhesion of the phototresist; also, the vapor exposed by HMDS can significantly reduce wafer contamination issue rather than liquid spin priming and provide excellent line uniformity for next step of wafer coating.



  • Highly stable & reliable uniformity
  • Ultimate photoresist adhesion for wafers
  • High production
  • Small size design
  • Low operation cost
  • Easy to use & maintenance

Major Applications

  • LED process application


Temperature rangeAmbient +5℃ ~ 250℃
Heating-up time 80 min to 100℃
Vacuum pressure0 ~ -700 mHg
Vacuum flow≧120 litter / min
Dimension 780 * 560 * 600mm
Weight 110 kg